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Highest quality of developments is imperative to our philosophy at Vanfame Developments.    NHBC underpin this being the leading professional body that set performance standards and guidance for the design and construction of new homes and Vanfame Developments have been registered and building to NHBC standards since 1988.       

As a general philosophy and setting us apart from many other developers, we spend huge efforts to ensure the absolute best build-quality combining the best of traditional construction methods and materials with high-performance modern materials and contemporary design.   Priority is given to durable, low maintenance finishes,  high levels of insulation and energy efficient solutions resulting in properties that provide comfort, low running costs and excellent long term value for all occupiers.   

Where materials and supplies are available within the UK, we are proud to source locally and no expense is spared to ensure the highest quality materials are used.   

We are carefully introducing SMART solutions within our homes (electric car charging ability, App controlled heating, SMART speakers, SMART lighting, CAT 6 cabling for high speed internet etc) once they are confirmed as effective but not those that incur drastic cost premiums or are untried and thoroughly tested.   


Our developments aim to reach the luxury sector and are always meet highly energy efficient standards. 

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